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Remote Work and Culture Solutions

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Remote Org. Change Management

Guidance on how to transition to a fully distributed organization  operating within the cloud

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Digital Culture Building

New strategies to keep your team engaged, delighted, and productive in a remote world

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Tools, guides, and


Custom made resources and expert guidance on the best available tools to get work done

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Remote Thought


Speaking engagements,  workshops, remote work content, and remote management training


Looking to go remote?

  You’ve come to the right place.


Our team at Sprawl Consulting works with small and medium-sized organizations to help transition to, and thrive in, a remote setting. We specialize in building remote culture across both new and experienced remote teams.

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virtual team building
  • StorySlam

  • Hot seat

  • Toast game

  • Visioning exercises

  • Team Trivia

  • Culture check-ins

  • Who knows what about who?

  • MORE! 

Book for as low as $195

Want to bring some fun and team bonding to your end of year plan—we're here for it! 

have you established video call norms & best practices? 

Do people at your organization agree on whether everyone should...

  • Eat on calls

  • Wear work attire

  • Keep their video on

  • Use the chat during presentations

  • Etc. etc. etc.

Schedule a free call to learn more about our "Remote Best Practices Presentation" for Orgs. that could use a little help getting everyone on the same virtual page. 

Working From Home

We've expanded our services to put our experience and connections to work for YOU—the Digital Nomad!

Click the button below to learn more about our "Remote Freedom" Package. We've been to over 100 countries combined, have myriad connections from years of work in the digital nomad community, and we want to put it to work for you!

Based on what you want, we'll get you the best neighborhood, Airbnb, and flight options. We'll provide information on vaccines, visas, communities to connect with, and anything else we can provide to make your big trip everything you want it to be and more! 

Ready to join the future of work? We’re here to help.

Remote Restore
Remote Boost
Offsite Retreat Planning
Retainer Services
Speaking Engagement

We offer a series of services and offerings to help give our clients flexibility and customized solutions. We use a hands on collaborative approach towards reaching and exceeding co-created goals. Sprawl Consulting is committed to getting your organization where you want to be—a growing remote company that regularly out performs goals with a happy, productive, and committed team. 

"Travis and Jason are extraordinary leaders. They are changing the way companies and individuals view remote work. I have seen firsthand how both Travis and Jason have changed the lives of the individuals surrounding them."

— Jarrett N., Zoom Video Communications

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