Misty Slopes

Remote work and community pioneers.

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Our Story.

Travis and Jason are avid travelers with a passion for remote work and community building. They met as early employees at Remote Year, a venture-backed travel startup redefining how remote workers live and travel. 

During their time at Remote Year, they worked together to build and manage 60+ communities of remote workers, owned internal and external initiatives to build remote culture, and planned and executed a series of offsite events. Most importantly, they met thousands of remote workers  and learned what made for successful remote companies

Bringing a combined 10+ years of remote work experience along with their track record of assisting 1000's of individuals in their transition to remote work, they decided to create Sprawl Consulting to help usher in the new generation of remote-friendly companies, full of long-term, happy, and productive employees.

What We Believe In.
Meet Jason.

Hailing from Chicago, Jason has spent most of the last decade living abroad and helping small companies successfully scale operations. His professional background covers a range of industries helping to form a well rounded skill set. Most recently he worked as the Global Director of Programs at Remote Year. Always on the lookout for new adventures, Jason has trained sled dogs in the arctic circle, worked on a corn farm in Uruguay, and gone rafting in the Bosnian countryside. He’s now trying to leverage his 6+ years of Remote Work experience to help companies transition their workforce into the future. 

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Meet Travis.

Travis King has a background in youth work, a master’s degree in nonprofit management, a frisbee with him at all times, and a hardcore love of travel. For the past four years leading up to the Corona pandemic, Travis was the Director of Community Development for Remote Year, one of the world’s largest communities of digital nomads. While with Remote Year, Travis led a community of 2000+ remote workers through the creation of numerous traditions and points of connection, his management of slack, and various in-person and virtual events. Travis was largely responsible for the supportive, positive, and connected culture of both the RY Team and the community at large.

The best team I've ever worked with was a fully remote, global team that was built side by side with Travis and Jason.  Between the two of them, you get the full spectrum of processes to culture building skills, all iced with years of remote experience and "can do" attitudes. They push each other and disagree often, so when they do agree, you can be sure you've just found the right solution."

— Trish Kennelly