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Going remote Checklist


Feeling overwhelmed or confused about your remote transition? Wondering what you need to actually do to go remote? Here's a teaser of our "Going Remote Checklist" full of things to consider when transitioning your business to a remote company. If you are curious about learning more, reach out with the button below for a free consultation where we can share the checklist and walk through your options. 

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Slack User Guide

One tool we think every remote team should be using is Slack. Slack is not only the ideal platform for internal team communication but its a built in culture builder - let us show you how. 


However, like most things, It does come with a bit of a learning curve, which is why we've done the hard work and developed a Slack User Guide Template to compliment our training sessions, admin setup, and best practice recommendations. 

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Travis recently gave a virtual guest lecture on the future, challenges, benefits, and overall state of remote work to the Trinity Fellows at Marquette University. Download the slide deck for free with the button below.