Remote REstore Sample timeline

Needs Assesment

Remote Restore Intensive

Implement and Track

Retainer Services

Needs assessment: Phase 1

The needs assessment phase at Sprawl refers to the period leading up to the Remote Restore Intensive Week. This runway period is equally as important as the intensive itself, since it's the time that we'll be establishing and clarifying your needs, which we'll then use to game plan for the intensive. We'll work side by side to develop clear and measurable goals and outcomes. 

Remote Restore intensive: Phase 2

Sample Week: (Will vary greatly depending on the needs, goals, and culture of the client.)

  • All-Team Call—present back data findings and share our goals for the week with the entire team.

  • Meetings with Leadership and other managers.

  • 30 minute virtual Pecha Kucha team builder (as part of all hands).

  • Small group meeting drop-ins

  • Talk to all team leads/managers

  • Sprawl work time - [Start on recommendations]

  • Values spectrum all-team meeting (find pain points from the team)

  • Silo Breakers call w/ follow up slack/comms posts to share back discoveries from the call.  

  • Slack (and/or other comms) improvements implementation.

  • Outreach to the organizations largest unofficial culture creators and influencers.  

  • Follow up call with all unofficial culture creators. 

  • Sprawl work time—finish recommendations presentation

  • Share recs with leadership and/or primary point of contact to be approved for Friday.

  • Recommendations presentation!

  • Final wrap up call with leadership.

Implement and track: Phase 3

We're committed to your success, and to having a measurable impact towards getting you where you want to be. In the month following our Remote Restore Intensive, we'll make ourselves available to discuss, amend, tweak or provide further recommendations with the aim of reaching our co-created goals for your remote organization.


You'll be able to give us real time feedback on how our recommendations are benefiting your team or how they could be improved, and we'll stay committed to working with you until the data is clear—until the data proves that our work together led to a more productive and content remote team.