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Sprawl's Virtual workshop Guide

Personal and Professional Development. Digital and Delivered
How much does a penguin weigh?

Enough to break the Ice! Here are some of our favorite virtual Ice breakers, team-builders and warm up activities.   

  • The Toast Game 

  • Four Corners 

  • Hot Seat

  • Knowledge Drop

  • Web of Connection

  • Two Minute Teacher

  • Letters (or Emails) to Yourself

Virtual Workshops (That we love to host)

Here's a brief outline of some of our favorite workshops that work just as well virtually as they do in person. You can choose a virtual workshop from this catalog, or work with Travis to establish desired outcomes and he can customize a session to fit your team's needs.

Story slam

Intended Purpose: Connection, bonding, openness, and a pro-dev public speaking opportunity

Description: We all have a story or two to tell and throwing a Story Slam is a great way to begin to scratch the surface. We'll pick a theme, pull names from the virtual hat, then have storytellers come off mute to tell a 5 minute story related to the topic! As the saying goes, it's hard to hate someone when you know their story!

Vision Exercise

Intended Purpose: Goal setting, grit, personal and professional development

Description: After introducing the session, everyone will spend time alone writing a vision of their life in the future, as if what they’re writing IS their future reality. The group will partner off and share before committing to an attainable goal that they will accomplish within the next month, leading towards their long-term goals. 

Johari's Window

Intended Purpose: Self-awareness, bonding, and deep sharing

Description: This workshop shows a group of individuals how to be open, to reveal information that is hidden and not known to others, and to become aware of your own blind spots. Overall, it allows individuals to get to know themselves, as well as team members, better.

Spectrum (a.k.a. culture check—in)

Intended Purpose: Group dynamics, addressing an Issue, honesty and culture fix

Description: This activity is great for when a team might need to have a mirror held up to see if they are treating each other the way they imagine or hope they are. It’s a way to have the conversation around what problems might exist in a constructive, non-patronizing, open way.

Morning Motivation

Intended Purpose: Goal Setting, intentionality, personal and professional development 

Description: What's the first thing you do most mornings? Do you play music in the shower? This activity is great for giving purpose and creating intention for all members of your team before every work day. We'll start with what ideas and goals people would like their days to be full of, then create a beautiful reminder.

Modern art

Intended Purpose: Expressing and practicing creativity, team-bonding, fun! 

Description: This session is sure to get the creative juices flowing and the zoom call giggles going. It starts with a short "adult show & tell" where attendees are asked to find an object of meaning in their space, then present it to the team. Afterwards, each person will be given a vague title for a work of modern art, which they will use their object to complete.  Each person will then share their new piece of modern art!  

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